The accessibility of information available on the web by people belonging to different categories and using different devices is increasingly important requirement for a website service, how has to be a web site.

The design of the new site took into account this need, giving up the spectacular effect of dynamic presentation for a design that allows for a fair presentation of information on different types of devices through multiple sensory channels.

To facilitate the presentation on these devices, in accordance with the guidelines of the W3C, we followed the three general design principles: separate, wherever possible, content and presentation, making information available in text and make the presentation flexible.

The distinction between presentation and content allows an easier maintenance presentation aspects of the site and allows an independent management of information, making easier to share content with new categories of browser. The availability of content in textual form or, where not possible, in the form of so-called text equivalents (i.e. translations in the form of textual material in audio or visual form) promotes the communication of information, the textual form is the form of communication more flexible, which can be translated into numerous other forms of communication. The flexibility of the presentation within the same class of devices enables a further level of customization to support the personal choices of the users.

The site has been developed using the standard HTML5 for the preparation of informative content and the CSS3 technology for the presentation of content.



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